Game Account Help

So you lost your account info...

We strive to make Second Age the best T2A era freeshard available today, and we would like to spend all our free time doing that. Because user account support cuts into our time significantly, we've created this form and set of policies to help players recover lost accounts and password, while having a minimal impact on our administrator's time.

Account support benefits players who have been careless with their account info, but as a free server has negligible or negative advantage for the shard overall. In order to turn this liability into a benefit to the shard, and at the same time increase the security of accounts the following policies have been put in place.

  1. Only registered accounts may be recovered.
    • If you didn't bother to take the time to register your account, we are not going to be bothered to help you get it back.
    • This restriction may be waved for accounts which are very new, or created by accident.
  2. Accounts which are eligible to be recovered, will be recovered when time allows.
    • Carelessness on the part of a player does not constitute an emergency for us. Our first priority is to tasks which are benefit the shard playerbase.
  3. Subscribers and recent donators to the shard will have substantial priority.
    • Second Age is expensive to run, and priority service on non-game issues to those that have contributed is a way that we can thank those contributors, on behalf of all the players on Second Age.
  4. If you have a history of accounting abuse, we will not likely help you recover your accounts. Apart from the simple distrust that type of behavior relates, it is often difficult to determine which accounts are truly yours.
  5. You may only submit one account recovery request per 24 hours, however once the first request is processed additional service on related accounts may be provided via email or IRC without having to fill out this form.