UO Second Age

A classic, free to play Ultima Online shard

Are you tired of playing the same cookie cutter games that lack accomplishments, true friendships, epic battles, and a sense of free will? Now, the greatest 2D game has returned. Ultima Online, unmatched to this day in depth of mechanics and interactions. A social sandbox unlike any other. Second Age is a free Ultima Online Shard that can be accessed by anyone with UO client software, available for download in the Downloads section.

Second Age is the most accurate emulation of the UO: T2A era online today. There are no giveaways. On UO Second Age you will build your character(s) from the ground up. More information about the Ultima Online game itself, and its rich history in the MMORPG online gaming community is available here, from Wikipedia: Ultima Online.

Founded in 2007, Second Age has established itself as the preeminent T2A era free shard in operation. We have a stable and diverse base of players dedicated to enriching all aspects of this online world, and a professional staff dedicated to non-interference in the game. If you are considering joining us, please be sure to review the Shard Rules and other information, and our Frequently Asked Questions on this site.

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More about Second Age

Since inception, the goal, vision and rationale of even creating this accurate T2A era shard has been very simple but unique:

  • We aim to replicate the T2A era as best we can and within technical limitations as a whole.
  • We do not intend to ever change any aspect of normal game play to particularly favor any play style or to protect or further expose any players to the in-game risk that was a large part of this era.
  • We will especially not pull aspects of other eras into this one, even with an overwhelming demand of players.

We believe that "proper" game play can only be achieved by taking the era as a whole and accept it for what it was. Tampering with the era in hope of achieving balance is not something that we will do, nor do we believe is achievable across all play styles. Diversity of players and play styles is a necessity of a healthy shard. Every type of play depends on another, and this is why UO is absolutely the greatest MMORPG ever crafted.

With that said, we do still continue to strive to become more correct and true to the era. Player feedback and research is a big part of this process. We don't claim to have everything perfect yet, but we do continue to actively work towards that goal.

We recommend client version, but all client versions above are supported. If you do not have your UO installation CDs, you can download a modern client from the downloads section, here. We have a guide on the forum, here, to assist you with downloading, installing, and connecting to Second Age. [Read Less]

Playing on Second Age:

We do not endorse any particular style of play on Second Age. Developed accounts are never deleted for inactivity, Second Age will always be free to play, and anyone is welcome.

The game is free and fun, yet due to its unparalleled diversity and freedom, it has a learning curve; please utilize the resources on this site and in our forums to understand the perils you might face in Britannia.

Get started on Second Age:

A step by step guide is available to help you get the software installed, and connect to the shard:

Please also see these helpful sections of this site:

Community Resources Abound:

If you're not familiar with Ultima Online play, our forums guides, Q&A Site, the "T2A Wiki" and in game help from dedicated staff are available to help you make sense of it all.

Other players are usually your best resource, talk to them in game, or connect with other players in our IRC channel.

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UOSA Shard News

Ultima Online Creator Richard Garriott Visits UOSA.

Bixby Legbone
UO Second Age

Jan 16, 2014

Ultima Online Creator Richard Garriott Visits UOSA.
Lord British vows to return to UOSA for Q&A.

Lord British's Castle, UOSA: Shortly after 11p.m ET on January 16th the creator of Ultima Online, Richard Garriott, made an unannounced return as Lord British. A shard-wide message was sent to players informing of his presence in the throne room of his castle. For a time, players were able to meet and greet with Lord British. Players quickly packed the throne room, as they gathered for their chance to see what Lord British had to say. Some of the more nefarious attendees attempted to assassinate Lord British with a trapped pouch, others tossed explosion potions wantonly killing other players. Before leaving, Richard Garriott promised to make another appearance on UOSA for a Question and Answer session.

"What new of Britannia these many seasons I have been gone?" - Richard Garriott

Lord British stated he loved to see the ostards brought by players, having never before seen one. He interacted with his subjects, asking whom amongst them has played Ultima Online the longest. Lord British also indicated that Lord Blackthorne may make an appearance at another time. Lord British cited GameMaster Mammoth for the invitation to come to Second Age.

"Founded in 2007, Second Age has established itself as the preeminent T2A era free shard in operation. We have a stable and diverse base of players dedicated to enriching all aspects of this online world, and a professional staff dedicated to non-interference in the game." http://www.uosecondage.com/
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UOSA Game, IRC, & Forum Policies

This is a very preliminary list of the most basic, and sometimes obvious rules (and info) on Second Age.

Second Age is set in the T2A era of UO. These were very dangerous times in the land of Britannia; as such citizens who wander outside the protection of the guards do so at their own risk. Know how to protect yourself for you will be out of the reach of Lord British's assistance. Staff will not typically intervene in player affairs.

  • There is a three account limit on Second Age.
  • You should not be connected to Second Age on more than three accounts ever.
  • We allow unattended macroing with Razor only(dl)
  • No other software may be used for repetitive tasks.
  • You may not gather things unattended. This includes Mining, Lumberjacking, lockpicking in dungeons, cotton picking/sheep shearing, and fishing. You may also not sell items to vendors AFK for profit.
  • Non-EA/OSI Clients are not allowed.
  • Reasonable character names are encouraged but not required.
  • Obscene names may be changed at staff discretion
  • House and Boat decay is 14 days if not refreshed.
  • All characters on Second Age may own one house.
  • There is no Young player status on Second Age.
  • Accounts will Never be deleted due to inactivity.
  • Respect the Staff. No one is being paid for their work here and we have gone to great lengths to find honest and competent staff members.
  • We also expect the Staff to respect the Players. If you have an incident with a staff member we will do our best to find a way to resolve it.
  • All staff instructions should be followed. You are welcome to voice objection after the fact.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of rules. Other common sense guidelines may apply, but we do our best to leave the game to the players. Staff on Second Age do not play.

There is also a basic FAQ index here: UOSA FAQ

Here on UOSA, players are allowed to own and utilize up to 3 of their own accounts, and only those accounts. This means the following:

  • Accounts cannot be shared (e.g. using another players accounts when they aren't using them).
  • Accounts cannot be used to acquire extra holiday gifts at any time. Anyone found doing so will have any and all gifts stripped from them, warnings placed on the accounts, and extra or borrowed accounts banned.
  • Other accounts can only be maintained (see Derrick's response for what constitutes maintenance purposes).

Anyone found utilizing another player's accounts or extra accounts will have all accounts owned by the sharing player - or extra accounts - banned, and warnings placed on the sharer's accounts for using extra accounts. Multiple infractions will result in the closure of all accounts.

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