Shard Rules

Shard and Community Rules

This is a very preliminary list of the most basic, and sometimes obvious rules (and info) on Second Age. Second Age is set in the T2A era of UO. These were very dangerous times in the land of Britannia; as such citizens who wander outside the protection of the guards do so at their own risk. Know how to protect yourself for you will be out of the reach of Lord British's assistance. Staff will not typically intervene in player affairs.

  1. Accounts Ownership:
    • There is a three account limit on Second Age.
    • Accounts cannot be shared (e.g. using another players accounts when they aren't using them).
    • You should not be connected to Second Age on more than three accounts ever.
    • Accounts cannot be used to acquire extra holiday gifts at any time. Harsh actions are taken against offenders.
  2. Connecting to Second Age:
    • You may only use the official UO Second Age Game Client, Razor, and UO AutoMap.
  3. Unattended Gameplay:
    • We DO ALLOW unattended macroing with Razor only. No other software may be used for repetitive tasks.
    • You MAY NOT gather things unattended. This includes Mining, Lumberjacking, lockpicking in dungeons, cotton picking/sheep shearing, and fishing. You may also not sell items to vendors AFK for profit.
    • You may not run bots that track and send communication while you are away from your keyboard.
  4. Gameplay Conduct:
    • Reasonable character names are encouraged but not required.
    • Obscene names may be changed at staff discretion
    • Respect the Staff. No one is being paid for their work here.
    • All staff instructions should be followed. You are welcome to voice objection after the fact.
    • We expect our Staff to respect the Players. If you have an incident with a staff member we will do our best to find a way to resolve it.
  5. Harassment Policies:
    Before you submit a harassment complaint be sure you have followed these steps:
    • You have asked the player stop and they have continued to repeat the offending behavior.
    • You have tried to remove yourself from the situation, by recalling away or moving several screens.
    • You have done nothing to instigate or further encourage the harassment.
    • You have added the player to your ignore list, which is located in your UO options, under Filter Options.
  6. Second Age Discord Rules:
    • No backseat moderating.
    • Absolutely no flaming and bashing of other users in the channels. This is best left to as private messaging, your own server, and the trash talk forums.
    • No excessive profanity, this is at the discretion of a server operator
    • No racism, religion, drugs, or political discussion
    • User bans are not open to discussion in Discord channels
    • The use of this server is a privilege.
    • Please contact the Second Age staff if you believe your removal from the server was unjust.
    • No advertising/spamming/flooding in the channel; No ALL caps.
    • All advertising for in game wares should be directed to the #trade-chatter channel
    • No server ban evasion, this could result in a permanent ban and/or bans on our other platforms.
    • No transmitting the personal details of other users (name, phone number, social security number, bank/credit card numbers, etc).
    • Harassment of staff, ban evasion, or botting could be grounds for a shard ban.
    • These rules apply all the time, we will retroactively ban for violations of these rules even if no ops were on at the time.
    • Solicitation of our users in Discord for commercial purpose, or the advertising of other games in Discord will result in a permanent ban from all Second Age Services by account and IP. This applies to the solicitation of our users via private messaging as well.

    The staff of Second Age reserve the right to modify the following set of rules without prior warning, explanation or justification. Failure to comply with these rules may result in your temporary or permanent removal from the Discord server, UO Second Age forums, or the entire Shard.