Second Age Shard FAQ

I've tried to put some of the most pertinent information from the forums in one place here. There is a wealth of specific information in forums, but it can sometimes be hard to find using the search function. I'll continue to grow this as things come up, and if anyone has anything to add, please do so.

Getting Started:
Tips from Players:
General Shard Rules:
Communicating with other players:
Other helpful tips, in no particular order:
  • I found a healer, but he won't resurrect me...what do I do?
      Move away from the healer (up to half a screen) and then walk back towards him/her. They can only ressurect you when they first notice you, and only if you are in a valid spot to be resurrected, i.e. you cannot be resurrected in a door.
  • How do I move my guildstone?
      Guildmasters the ability to move, or teleport, their guildstones once a week.
      Selecting this option will give the Guildmaster a teleportation stone that they may take to the target house where the owner of the house may use it to teleport the guildstone to that location.
      When you are picking a location to teleport your guildstone, the location is designated by where your character stands.
      There is no "ghosted" image for you to pre-position the placement of the guildstone.
      Game Masters will not be able to move your guildstones as we have given this ability to you the player.
  • Is journal recording possible?
      uo.cfg: JournalSaveFile=[Filename] or [Path and filename]
    • "This allows you to save all of the text that appears on your screen for later viewing."
    • Journal Recording

Era specific Combat and Magery info
Housing information, security, and placement guidelines:
Murder System:
  • Guide: Murder System and Stat Loss
  • We do have stat loss if you have more than 5 short term counts.
  • If you kill someone who later becomes disconnected of the shard restarts before they report you, you may be reported for murder when they log back in. This is often the source of "unexpected" murder counts.
  • You receive the count when the murder is reported, so it's possible that you may go red at a very inconvenient time, such as when you are in town.

Skill gain
  • Most skills are difficulty based.
  • Gains in melee skills and meditation can be confusing to new players because you do not gain if you are using the skills when you have either no chance of failure, or no chance of success.
  • Guide : Meditation
  • Meditation stuck
  • Combat skill gains are much slower when fighting players

Third Party programs
  • Only Razor is allowed to script in game actions.
  • All other programs of this type are not allowed at all. This will be harshly enforced

Mining, Lumberjacking, Fishing, Etc.
  • You may not gather resources unattended at all.
  • You must be in the vicinity of your PC and checking on it regularly.
  • Unattended fishing is not allowed from shore, nor on a boat.
  • This is another very harshly enforced rule, and violation of this is bannable.
  • This applies to the gathering of anything that is considered a resource including components for cloth.

Tips from players on getting scammed, and stolen from
Client Problems
Many UO:R and later era Features are out of the T2A era and are not supported here
  • Lumber-jacking and Arms Lore do not give a combat damage bonus.
  • There is no stun punch, or disarm
  • Poisoning is a crafting skill, it's only usefulness on the field is the ability to re-poison your weapon.
  • Wrestling will help prevent you from getting hit while you are casting a spell. There is no "Defensive Wrestling" involving anatomy
  • Much specific skill info can be sound in our Wiki

You're on your own:
  • We will not move you if you are not actually physically stuck in the map. If you become stranded on an island or elsewhere you may need to petition for help from another player.
  • Our harassment policies are here: Subject: Harassment Policies
  • We will not get involved in player disputes unless taken to an extreme.
  • We can not tell you who killed you, who looted your house, or give out the online status of another player
  • We do not give any equipment stats or skills to any player ever, nor will we "adjust" murder counts.
  • Staff on Second Age do not play. Our staff are very professional, and there is no favoritism here.
  • Keep your account secure: Subject: Account Security, Deletion and Hacking
  • If you share your account information with others, your account may be held responsible if rules such as our "Unattended resource gathering" policies are broken.

Hope this helps!