Testimonials from our players about Second Age

As if I were a kid again....

Finding this shard in early 2011, I encountered a rich community, not only in pixels, but personality to boot!
Having played OSI up to and just beyond the era being recreated here, I must say from login to present it feels more 'right' than any other shard I've played on.
Much of this is personal preference but the core essence is unmolested single-facet non-consensual player versus player.
The excitement of the risk involved in venturing beyond the guard zones is tantamount to enjoying the UO as I remember it in my most fond recollections.

In just over a year in The Second Age again, I've amassed a wealth of friends and a few enemies, as is the nature of Ultima Online. :) It's a hard knock life if you want to tough it out solo, though you have but to ask and many will come forward to help you along in your own path.

Thanks for everything Derrick and GMs.


This has been a blast so far.

I played on Chesapeake and some on Siege as well. Mostly from 98 until 2000 or 2001.

I've been on this shard for almost a week now after not playing UO since then. I've dabbled in WoW, SB, DAoC, CoH, and a few other games but have not really played anything at all for the last 5 years.

So far I'm having a lot of fun here. There's enough people to make it interesting and fun. I've been PK'd a few times.

Basically, I'm having a blast. It really does capture most of the old UO feel.

I never PvP'd much but I appreciated its existence quite a bit. For someone who is into crafting and dungeon crawling with some RP and RP based PvP this has been a blast so far.

-- Hildigam (16 Nov 2010)

Secondage is the only shard...

I don't want to name names or point the finger at specific shards but I'll say that while I love the T2A ruleset and love UOSA's accurate emulation of it, the professional staff are the #1 reason I continue to play here and recommend the shard to other people. Nobody wants to feel like they are some toy in an admin's personal playbox. Why would I spend my evenings trying to play the game fairly if the admins routinely give out freebies to whichever guild they are buddies with these week?

This shard is stable and professionally-run with a playerbase that reflects this. I'm grateful that I can just play the game as much or as little as I want without worrying about whose butt to kiss this week, or worrying about half the rules changing because a bunch of LEETPVPers whined loudly about the latest "lame" tactic they want removing. Without UOSA I wouldn't be playing UO at all.
-- Donk (26 Mar 2010)

Great server

So i've been here for over a month now. And i am having fun for the first time in uo in like 5 years. I used to play on free sphere servers back in 2001. It was kinda custom server with alot of custom stuff but still pvp rules where quite similar to t2a. I was so addicted to that server that i spend 8 hours a day playing uo for over 2 years. But i never experienced real t2a era. I started playing on osi 2004 think it was at the end of LBR era. It was fun there was still pvp even though trammel existed. Than came AOS and after a month all pvp died and entire feluca turned in to ghost lands cause mages where able to insta cast 7 spells with faster casting jewelery. I remember going trough moongate to pvp in to felucia and a mage bursted 5 cor pors on me at once and i was dead. Not long after that i quit osi uo. I tried several times playing on some sphere servers but they where all dead and changed badly. I even tried osi for 5 months last year to see all the new samurai empire and mondains legacy changes but it got boring. It felt more like playing the sims than uo. I was sure uo was dead for me so i bought xbox 360, LCD TV and bunch of games. And than i found this server and am playing t2a era server for the first time and the longer i play the more fun it gets. I haven't touched my xbox 360 in last 3 weeks cause i am playing uo. I even invited some of my younger friends that never experienced uo and they are getting hooked to it to.
-- Horvik (20 Mar 2010)

Adventure and Progression

UOSA actually feels like adventure and progression again. It's the best shard I've played since I got tired of the official servers. Actually having to work hard to get enough starting gold and actually having to worry about getting PKed (even other RunUO fel-only shards don't have this) - it really is the closest feeling to '99 you can get.
-- nightshark (08 Mar 2010)

Just wanting to say THANK YOU

Not sure if you guys get this enough - everyone has their own thoughts and ideas on how they remember it and how it was and this and that but F that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.... I have never enjoyed UO since 1999 until I played here and I played since 96 and worked with OSI... Thank you guys - please don't ever drop this, cause I will play when I'm 50 damn years old
-- Sinatra SUN-FoW (06 Mar 2010)

T2A and UOSA

It is curious to me, the fact that UO is the only true sandbox game that I'm aware of, which is why so many people keep coming back to it after so many years, and I continually see people stuck in the mindset that their way of playing is the "best" or "only" way. There is so much more to this game than Vas Ort Flam-Corp Por-Hally Whack. Has it crossed your mind that some people want to try new things in order to keep UO fresh for them? Even if that means - gasp! - being a pure dexer? Or creating characters with virtually no PVP skills?

I've spent my entire time on this shard training skills I've never trained before, PVPing in ways I've never PVP'd before, PVMing in ways I've never PVM'd before, etc. It's been a heck of a fun time. It's amazing how much I can still find in this game that I've never tried before.

You make your own fun in UO, though. If you play this game for a specific type of PVP, and you're not seeing that happen, then make it happen. Join or start a guild, and war against a guild that enjoys the same type of PVP as you, and is bound by a code to stand and fight in the face of danger. There are lots of people here, and I guarantee that you will find people who see things the same way as you.

-- Daltrey (07 Jun 2009)

Best shard ever

Pretty much sums it up. Only been here a day and I'm comfortable enough saying that.

Played UO (Catskills shard) from 97 - 2001 and a couple of free shards between 2001 and 2003 but I've been away from the game completely since then. This shard has everything original OSI UO had and then some. Community seems pretty awesome too, so far.

So, thanks for creating such a good shard, accurate to the T2A era and look forward to seeing you guys around.
-- Arkon (05 Jun 2009)


I've said it before and I'll say it again, you guys rock! In all my years of gaming I dont think I have ever come across such a good set of forums, with such friendly helpful people! It is so easy for some people to be plain horrid towards nub questions, and it takes a much stronger, better person to give the correct info without slagging the questioner off for not knowing.

I cant remember visiting any UO forums back in the day, the reason which I am unsure. Where there any? I guess I was too busy playing and making gold to read up or interact on forums.

UO is without a doubt still the best MMO ever created. Gameplay>graphics.
-- Slaine (22 Mar 2009)

Subject: Hi.

I stumbled upon this site accidentally a few days ago and I'm sure glad I did. I used to play UO 8-9 years ago, and I love what you guys did, especially that you focus on the authenticity of that era. I played on a few free shards before, but most are heavily modified and just don't play like the original UO. And the official game... it's a perversion of it's former self, a freak.

So I decided, ...might as well download and install it just for the fun of it. Well 2 days in and I'm loving it . It plays just like the original thing. The way UO was meant to be! The funniest thing is that even though I didn't play it in a very long time, the moment I logged in, I instantly felt at home again. Like I never quit in the first place.
-- Type6 (21 Jan 2009)

Subject: Thank You!

I would like to thank all of you who are involved with the creation/upkeep of this shard as well. A couple of months ago I got the urge to play UO again after a couple of years hiatus. I wanted to play UO from the way I remembered it, not from the time that I quit when the rules changed drastically and Origin began trying to make Ultima into something it was not. Any way, I stumbled upon this shard and have been playing exclusively here ever since. This is a great thing you have going here and I just want to thank you guys again!
-- violator (23 Dec 2008)

Doogie Howser MD

The fact of the matter is this server is run better than any of the osi servers were. Here are my reasons:
- You actually know the staff. As such, each player can participate in making suggestions and give helpful insight that is constantly being reviewed from day to day by the staff.
- Staff involvement. I can't believe how much time the staff of Secondage spend in maintenance, improvements, and putting on events etc...
- Diverse community. This server does not limit itself to promote a certain gameplay (pking, roleplaying, townkillers etc...)
- All this and.. It's FREE

So I guess I just wanted to put my two cents in to persuade anyone from evaluating this server by only a few hours. I want it to grow and it's remarkable to log on and see almost 400 clients online but there is no lag. It's awesome... I'm finally addicted to UO again, thank you secondage.
-- Doogie Howser MD (25 Oct 2008)

A reminder

This shard is full of randomness.
You always seem to find people in the middle of nowhere doing weird things you wouldnt see otherwise (aka actually playing the game).
Other day I was macroing in the middle of nowhere (my house) and two pk's came and started camping my house and trying to eq me to death.
I haven't actually pvped in months, but I managed to log on my mage, and kill both of them 2 v 1. (One managed to G Heal me instead of cross healing the other)
It was quite exciting to achieve such a victory.
-- keuse (15 Oct 2008)

Is this the shard for me?

I think this is definitely the "real" UO that you are talking about. The best expansion out of all MMO's that I have played was UO:T2A. After Felucca/Trammel and the other stupid changes came... it wasn't the same.

I can honestly say that I am loving the population and everything going on on this shard. The events that are always occurring, the staff (I will link I post I made about a recent thing that happened that was awesome), and the people so far remind of old UO days. The annoying ones, the funny ones, the nice ones, and the dumbass ones.
-- StDrahcir (01 Oct 2008)